2kFinance Ecosystem —$ TWOK TreasuryBox, DXM-LP update and a look into the upcoming Triggers

We present the 2kFinance TreasuryBox

2% DEXMOON LP — Utilization in the Ecosystem, Not Burning — not Locking…

At random intervals, first manually then via our trigger mechanisms these DXM-BNB-LP Tokens will be distributed as follow:
⦁ 30% of the DXM-BNB-LP Tokens will be sent to the TreasuryBox/TWOK VAULT as rewards to TWOK stakers
⦁ 70% will be extracted into BNB and DXM.
⦁ 100% of extracted DXM will be burned — reducing supply..
⦁ 70% of BNB will be used to buy DXM on PancakeSwap as our BUYBACK/BURN, reducing supply further.
⦁ 2.5% of BNB to TWOK ADMIN Multisig to cover tx costs.
⦁ 7.5% of BNB Swapped for DAI sent to Future Liquidity Pools Multisig Storage , a new DXM LP Vault will open with each $20–000 $DAI Collected
⦁ 20% of BNB Swapped for DAI and sent to the TreasuryBOX/TWOK VAULT as rewards for TWOK stakers.

Trigger Mechanisms ….

BreakDown of Ecosystem Taxes, and their Destinations…

2kFinance $TWOK

DexMoon $DXM by 2kFinance



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2K Finance

We are a group of crypto enthusiasts, and developers from around the globe building fun and experimental projects. Our first of many projects is 2K (TwoK).