2kFinance Ecosystem —$ TWOK TreasuryBox, DXM-LP update and a look into the upcoming Triggers

We present the 2kFinance TreasuryBox

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4 min readJul 21, 2021

…TWOK Vault — true passive income….

We have been real busy working on the new TWOK only vault and are very pleased with its functionality.

The TreasuryBox will collect the rewards for TWOK Stakers, a trigger mechanism will distribute these rewards directly to wallets that have a stake in the TreasuryBox, no need to ever claim, rewards will come directly to your wallet, as long as you have your TWOK staked in the TreasuryBox.
Only $TWOK can be staked in the TreasuryBox.

The TreasuryBox will receive various rewards for TWOK stakers from various sources:
⦁ First from the DXM project in the form of LP tokens and DAI (explained more in detail below.)
⦁ All Future Vaults will have a 1% dedicated fee, feeding the TreasuryBox.

$TWOK stakers in the TreasuryBox wll receive DAI and DXM-BNB-LP Tokens as rewards to begin with.
Meaning when the triggers are hit, Stakeholders will automatically receive their share.
The DXM-BNB-LP tokens can be unstaked from pancake, to claim the DXM and BNB inside them, or be staked again on 2kFinance Platform, to earn more $TWOK to get a bigger share of the TreasuryBox.
As there is no reward per block as such, rewards are sent when triggers are hit. The APY for this TreasuryBox, is still to be determined.

2% DEXMOON LP — Utilization in the Ecosystem, Not Burning — not Locking…

Since the launch of $DXM, DXM has been adding 2% of every send tx to liquidity , unlike others we chose not to burn these tokens. These LP Tokens have been building up in the DevTreasury and now we will be explaining how they will be utilized within the ecosystem.

At random intervals, first manually then via our trigger mechanisms these DXM-BNB-LP Tokens will be distributed as follow:
⦁ 30% of the DXM-BNB-LP Tokens will be sent to the TreasuryBox/TWOK VAULT as rewards to TWOK stakers
⦁ 70% will be extracted into BNB and DXM.
⦁ 100% of extracted DXM will be burned — reducing supply..
⦁ 70% of BNB will be used to buy DXM on PancakeSwap as our BUYBACK/BURN, reducing supply further.
⦁ 2.5% of BNB to TWOK ADMIN Multisig to cover tx costs.
⦁ 7.5% of BNB Swapped for DAI sent to Future Liquidity Pools Multisig Storage , a new DXM LP Vault will open with each $20–000 $DAI Collected
⦁ 20% of BNB Swapped for DAI and sent to the TreasuryBOX/TWOK VAULT as rewards for TWOK stakers.

… We will be building triggers into the dapp to automate this in future…, until then this process will be done manually.
When we build the triggers in, the % will change slightly to accommodate the initiator of the tx.

Trigger Mechanisms ….

The First Trigger Mechanism will be, to distribute the rewards for TWOK stakers in the TreasuryBox, anyone can pull the trigger, when doing so you will receive 5% of all the rewards being transferred to stakers.

Our Second Trigger will be to BuyBack TWOK using the funds from the DXM built-in allocated tax. Here the initiator of the tx, will receive 10% of the TWOK bought in the TX.

Third Trigger will be to sell DXM for BUSD for our Charity initiative, the initiator of this tx will receive 10% of the amount to be sold in DexMoon.

Additional Triggers for the 2% LP Utilization will follow the above.

The triggers are a fun way to get some free coins for anyone, whilst helping us accomplish tasks, that make the ecosystem work .
At some point in the future, we will be implementing a hold limit of either DXM or TWOK or both in order to use these triggers.

BreakDown of Ecosystem Taxes, and their Destinations…

2kFinance $TWOK

⦁ 1% Tax sent to Platform Reward Multisig

DexMoon $DXM by 2kFinance

⦁ 6% Holders

⦁ 0.50% Charity (MS)
— Trigger Swap 10 % of tx in DXM sent to user that initiates the tx
— DXM for BUSD 100% BUSD sent to Charity (MS)

⦁ 0.10% TWOK — BuyBack (MS)
— Trigger Swap 10 % of Bought TWOK sent to user that initiates the tx
— 90% TWOK bought sent to Platform Rewards (MS)

⦁ 0.30% Development (MS)

⦁ 0.10% BURN

⦁ 2% DexMoon $DXM Generated LP

⦁ 30% sent to TreasuryBox as Rewards for TWOK Stakers.
⦁ 70% extracted from PancakeSwap
— 100% of extracted DexMoon $DXM Burned till Total Supply reaches 500Trillion
— 2.5% of BNB sent to TWOK Admin (MS)
— 70% of BNB used to buy DXM on PancakeSwap and Burn
— 7.5% of BNB Swapped for DAI sent to Future Liquidity Pools.
— 20% of BNB swapped for DAI and sent to TreasuryBox as rewards
for TWOK Stakers.

All Future Vaults will have a 3% Staking fee, allocated as follow.
⦁ 1% Treasury Box as rewards for TWOK Stakers
⦁ 1% NFT Holder ( each 3% Vault will have its own 1 of a kind NFT)
⦁ 1% Development (MS)

⚫️ Social Links: DexMoon
◾️Telegram : https://t.me/TwoK_Finance
◾️Twitter: https://twitter.com/DexMoon_by_2K
◾️Websites: https://dex-moon.com & https://www.2kfinance.app
◾️TWOK-Twitter : https://twitter.com/twokfinance
◾️Medium : https://2kfinance.medium.com/
◾️GitHub : https://github.com/TwoKFinance/DexMoon
◾️Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/DexMoon/

⚫️ Social Links: TWOK
◾️Telegram : https://t.me/TwoK_Finance
◾️Twitter: https://twitter.com/twokfinance
◾️Websites: https://www.2kfinance.com & https://www.2kfinance.app
◾️Twitter : https://twitter.com/twokfinance
◾️Medium : https://2kfinance.medium.com/
◾️Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/2kfinance
◾️Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/2KFinance
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