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5 min readMar 28, 2021


TWOK is a deflationary cryptocurrency, designed to have intrinsic value.

TWOK cryptocurrency has a built in 1% Tax per TX, where 90% of the fee goes back to the project for rewards to stakers, and 10% gets burned, making the currency deflationary.

🤝 The TEAM 🌐

We are a group of crypto enthusiasts, and developers from around the globe building fun and experimental projects. Our first of many projects is our 2kFinance Token ($TwoK). A deflationary yield farming protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain.

🔀Initial Distribution

The $TWOK team came together after the original ONEK dev wrecked that project. The TEAM closed the original ONEK project.

Relaunched as #TWOK, with new front and back end developers, and all ONEK holders where airdropped the new Token. The team initialized liquidity on pancakeswap at a ratio of 600 $TWOK to 12 $BNB ~ $6 a coin at the time. beginning of March 2021

🔒 UniCrypt Locked LP 2 Years https://unicrypt.network/amm/pancake/pair/0xa08012c42afbc07f043308c08be8e51626aa1687

$TWOK was deployed without dev tokens share in a fair launch scenario on pancakeswap, which was announced on our twitter and in the telegram group.

🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏽Community & Brand-Awareness

TWOK launched 3 Weeks of Giveaways in our Brand-Awareness Campaigns for meme, animated meme, stickers and video competitions. Involving the community as much as possible all the way, whilst giving away over 50 $TWOK as rewards. With many more Community Giveaways in the future.

📈Farming with $TWOK 🏦

The first Vault was launched as an LP vault where you can stake $TWOK and $BNB in pancake liquidity and farm TWOK with those LP Tokens on the TWOK Platform. This vault helps in stabilizing price volatility and has the highest APY of the farms.

Our second Vault was to bring utility to the TWOK token itself and allows holders of TWOK to stake for TWOK.

We have also decided to reward our TWOK stakers more, each new vault created after the initial 2 vaults will send a % of the fees to TWOK Stakers.

The next vaults namely our BNB Vault and our USDT/BUSD LP vaults will both have a 4% fee attached to staking in the vaults.

The fee’s will be broken down as follows

1% Will go to the owner of the Limited Edition linked NFT

1,5% Will go to the Projects Development fund for future and ongoing developments.

1,5% Will go to people staking in the TWOK Vault.

This will ensure long term profits for TWOK Stakers without the need to stake in specific Vaults all the time.

Each newly created Vault will have a % of the fees setup to go to people staking in the TWOK Vault.

Our goal is to make it that TWOK Stakers never need to sell their stake in the project or move their stake to another vault, instead always automatically earning from fees off the platform.

🎴Limited Edition NFT’s

TWOK will be launching limited Edition NFT’s that will help in raising liquidity for launching on more aggregators and exchanges in the future.

These Limited Edition NFT’s each will get linked to their own Vault within the 2kFinance ecosystem.

The first 2 will be linked to our upcoming BNB Vault and the USDT/BUSD LP Vault, where 1% of the fees earned by those Vaults will go directly to the holder of the linked NFT, no sharing that 1% with anyone, its all yours…

Giving the Limited Edition NFT holders a decent stake in the game taking 25% of the 4% fee on the vault. There will be only One Limited Edition NFT released per Vault.

🖥️Our dapp and future development plans

As you follow the evolution of our dapp, you will notice upgrades to the dapp look and feel, as we add features to the platform, we strive to give our members the feeling of completeness with each upgrade/feature deployed to the platform.

We have found a real need to be able to do more on a platform than just stake and farm. We will endeavor in creating the ultimate decentralized trading platform.

First features that will be added to the platform in the 1BIT release of our Dapp is a governance model as we strive to get community involved in guiding the project further together with the ability to add additional vaults easily based off the current running vaults.

🗄️ 8BIT deployment will see the addition of charts into the platform where members will be able to pull charts directly from the platform. Here we will have another release of NFT’s which will work with our Chart application. TWOK Holders will be airdropped some of these NFT’s

🗄️ 16BIT deployment, we will see the addition of a dex to the platform, again % of exchange fees will be allocated to TWOK stakers in the TWOK Vault. At this point in our developments, we will be looking at releasing our exchange token, which a % will be airdropped to the $TWOK community again.

🗄️ 32BIT deployment. Down the track in our developments we will be looking at finalizing and deploying our limit order dex & building our bridge to IOTX, IOST and back to ETH. Again a % of the bridge fees going to #TWOK stakers

🤖Into the future, and beyond

64BIT and on…. We will be working on implementing a loan facility on the platform and further cross chain integrations, together with gamification….

💰Limited Supply

As $TWOK was setup with a limited supply of only 2000 Tokens, and being deflationary, supply will be decreasing till a final end supply of 1000 $TWOK Tokens only.

🎞️Our BitMap / Roadmap Video link…


📱Social Contacts / Websites

Websites : 2kFinance.com & 2kFinance.app

◾️Telegram : https://t.me/TwoK_Finance
◾️Twitter: https://twitter.com/twokfinance
◾️Websites: https://www.2kfinance.com & https://www.2kfinance.app
◾️Twitter : https://twitter.com/twokfinance
◾️Medium : https://2kfinance.medium.com/
◾️Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/2kfinance
◾️Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/2KFinance
◾️Telegram VN: https://t.me/TwokFinance_VN
◾️Telegram Swedish: https://t.me/TwoK_Swe
◾️Telegram Japan: https://t.me/TwoKJP
◾️BitcoinTalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5322593.msg56522804#msg56522804
◾️Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU66N0wYmf93PwA6EaN1zAA



2K Finance

We are a group of crypto enthusiasts, and developers from around the globe building fun and experimental projects. Our first of many projects is 2K (TwoK).