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Static Rewards, LP Acquisition, Automatic Platform Rewards Collection, Automatic Burn, Automatic Charity Funds Generation, Automatic Development Funding.

DexMoon was designed to complement the 2kFinance ecosystem, and the main token $TWOK.

DexMoon Contract- Locked 48hr transferlimit at launch, anti-whale mechanism was deployed to ensure the best possibilities for a fair launch scenario.

$DXM Contract also allows for a callback functions to distribute community rewards according to holdings of $DXM, and a feature to remove stuck funds from the contract, such as the BNB leftover fractions from the adding to liquidity feature that would otherwise just build up in the token contract.

We also opted to leave the possibility of a second LP-locked token contract, purely in case of another PancakeSwap LP Migration event, in order not to be stuck in an unsupported version on pancakeswap in future, as we experienced with our main token $TWOK for a short period of time.

$DexMoon — Contract Breakdown by lead Solidity Dev — YouTube Video.

$DXM — Tax Breakdown

9% tax with every wallet to wallet transfer which is divided as follows.

⦁ 6% distributed to all holders of $DXM automatically.

⦁ 2 % to Liquidity, where 1% gets swapped for BNB and added to the other 1% into Locked Liquidity. this 2% tax does not happen when buying or selling, only during wallet to wallet transfer.

⦁ 1 % Gets shared between .

0.5% — goes to the 2kFinance Charity Funds — Gnosis Multisig Safe

0.3% — Gets sent to the 2kFinance Development Fund Gnosis Multisig Safe

0.1% — goes to the TWOK-Rewards Gnosis Multisig Safe to be used to swap for $TWOK, once triggered by a community member. To be locked for future platform rewards in the TWOK-Staking Rewards Gnosis Multisig Safe .

0.1% — gets sent to the burn wallet forever.

Trading tax is only 7%

Where 6% goes directly to holders, and the other 1% is distributed as above.

Automatic Liquidity Pool (LP)

2% of the transfer tax between wallets is where DXM initializes an automatic adding to locked liquidity, by selling 1% for BNB and adding this 1% BNB with the 1% DXM to the liquidity pool.

As more and more holders, stakers and traders start using and sending $DXM, the LP slowly increases over time, allowing $DXM community the benefits of a more stable price floor in the long run.


1,000,000,000,000,000 Supply

50% to INITIAL Unicrypt locked Liquidity

25% TWOK held back for Staking/Farming

TWOK-Staking Rewards Gnosis Multisig Safe .

10% Giveaways

2kFinance Giveaway Gnosis Multisig Safe .

5% Marketing

2kFinance Marketing Gnosis Multisig Safe

5% Charity Wallet

2kFinance Charity Fund Gnosis Multisig Safe

5% Goes to the 2kFinance ($TwoK) Airdrop

1.5% to Holders of $TWOK

3.5% to platform Stakers of TwoK

0% Dev/Team

DexMoon Protocol, allows for 3 layers of earning :

⦁ Holding allows for earning via reflection coding and frictionless YieldFarming Protocol

⦁ PancakeSwap LP — Staking allows for earning on PancakeSwap 3% fees per transaction.

⦁ 2kFinance allows for LP Token Staking to earn additional $TWOK on the platforms Yieldfarm.

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