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3 min readMar 25, 2021


We are excited to announce our $TWOK vault, to stake your $TWOK tokens and earn #TWOK tokens has been launched, though not public yet, as we are still testing some very small details. The APY for staking in the vault has been set to 150%, the contract is not audited yet, but it is just a copy of our already audited contract with minor adjustments. Next step will be to apply for an audit of the contract, after which it will be publicly released. We will now focus on our next Vaults which will be launched in +- 2 weeks time.

We have to give a very special thank you and our sincerest gratitude of working with the Holder Finance Teams lead developer Gordon Gekko Italy who will be assisting us further along the way with future developments. give them a look, they deserve it.

We are also excited to announce that we have contracted an external dapp development firm to work with us on our current and future front end development, some mock ups should be coming through to everyone this week, of which some will be shared in the TG group.
This has been made possible by the team pooling together and providing the necessary funding for this.

The guys @epicdev will be handling all of our front end development, allowing us to focus on contract development, partnership building and growth of the project with the community and our marketing.
The first feature they will be adding on to the upgraded dapp/website will be a governance model for the community to take part in proposals and help guide the project forward. There will be hints of more future development plans on the upgraded dapp when released.

We also would like to announce our roadmap should be ready for release around the same time as the new dapp release.
Due to TWOK being setup without a dev fund in a fair launch scenario, we will be looking at ways to create/setup a dev fund that could be used for continued future development of the project. We will be putting some options forward to the community, once we have our Governance model setup.

NFT’s will be coming to 2K Finance.
One of these ideas will be the launching of some NFT’s which will be sold off in liquidity raising events, to help get $TWOK listed on more aggregators.
And we will also be launching our NFT’s on #BinanceSmartChain and our NFT’s will have a use case on our dapp, once we launch the next phase of developments after our upcoming upgraded dapp release.
We will share more in our Full Roadmap video which we should be ready to release over the next week or so.

We look forward a ton of developments over the next couple of weeks, while the dapp, vault creation and NFT’s developments will be ongoing.

And most importantly we would like to thank the Community all the HODLERs, Stakers and True believers for sticking with us.

’Thank you

The TWOK Team

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